The major restoration of Old Hall Stables took place in the early 1980's and was undertaken by Geoffrey Taylor a builder and civil engineer who had spent most of his life abroad working on large structures like dams and apartment blocks.  The original approved plans of 1980 for the property showed permission for the whole of the building to be converted into residential accommodation, however in 1982 new plans were approved which kept part of the building as workshop / garage accommodation and these are the plans which were carried out, to the largest extent.  The following article from Lincolnshire Life gives an insight into the challenge which Mr Taylor took on: lincs-life-june_1983

During the renovations the magnificent oak roof structure was restored and treated and a new pan-tile roof was added. The whole building was braced with enormous steel joists and cross braced with 10" floor joists.  The building was re-wired and re-plumbed including a cavernous new septic tank.  An internal skin of thermal blocks was added to create a cavity wall and a solid hardwood floor was installed in the majority of the building.  A damp-proof course was added and the building was finished off with hand-made windows and oak doors.

In the mid 1980's  the property was offered for sale and the adjacent slide show includes excerpts from the brochure at that time.

Opportunities for the future

The vast majority of the planned changes which were approved in 1982 have been carried out, however the work on bedrooms 4 and 5 is incomplete.

The approved plans show permission to create a self-contained 2 bedroom annex with a private front door in this area of the house, however future purchasers may wish to use these rooms as bedrooms, a cinema room or to create a magnificent master bedroom suite with dressing room and one or more en-suite bathrooms.

The adjacent plans show the outline of the rooms, although unfortunately the quality has deteriorated over time

The former Smithy at the rear of the house is a stand-alone building and has power and water and would easily lend itself to conversion to a home office.

The existing wood store is a large building which could be modified / replaced to provide stables.

The new owner may wish to refer back to the original approved plans of 1980 and seek permission to convert the workshop and or the garages into living accommodation.